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Olympia , site of the first Olympic games in 776 and home to the Temple of Zeus is counted among the many Greek treasures. Today in America, Chicago based Olympia Foods is recognized as a leader among a handful of Gyro giants and is carving out a legacy of its own. Built with old world tradition and family pride, Olympia has attained its status by devoting itself to the success of its customers throughout the foodservice industry.OLYMPIA1BW-001


Founded in 1972 by brothers Andre and Kostas Papantoniou, the same family recipes perfected at their Sheridan Road restaurant have become the cornerstone of Olympia's growth. By recognizing and committing itself to a widely underserved market, Olympia has helped bring the Gyro to millions of people seeking a tasty alternative to a hot dog or burger. In the process, it has helped many ethnic restaurants and other foodservice outlets expand their customer base with a unique sandwich concept now gaining popularity on a national level. And although the Gyro is at the core of the Greek -American food experience, by listening to and understanding their customers' needs, Olympia has developed a line of over one-hundred food options to choose from. With perennial favorites like Spanakopita and others all prepared with the highest of quality standards behind them, Olympia offers you foods to both attract new customers and keep familiar faces coming back. For people who follow certain dietary laws or those looking to be more health conscious, Olympia's chicken gyros and all beef Halal gyros are just a few examples of how Olympia responds to customer demand. Whether it's pre- sliced or pre-cooked gyros, cone shaped or loaves, Olympia works with you to develop a product that not only fits your menu and budget, but one that exceeds your expectations. Lavash wraps, whole wheat Pita, fresh Feta cheese, and Baklava add to the extensive list of genuine Greek food products we supply to our clients. And of course, don't forget the Tzatziki sauce! Chock full of fresh cucumbers and garlic, no Gyro should be without it.

But it's not just about what we do, it's also about how we do it. With food safety and sanitation as top priorities, you can be confident when serving an Olympia product that your customers' health and well- being is never overlooked. Olympia Foods is a USDA facility and has comprehensive Quality Assurance and HACCP programs implemented to ensure product quality and food safety. With the development of a distribution network serving schools, restaurants and institutions across the United States and Canada, Olympia stands ready to deliver you the same top quality products and service it has built its reputation on for nearly forty years. So come try Olympia, and see for yourself what old world tradition really tastes like.

Olympia dates to a Sheridan Road restaurant that President Andre Papantoniou opened with his brother in 1971. He says it evolved into a pita company and later started making gyros, which now constitute about half Olympia's roughly $30 million in sales.



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