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Here's what our customers have to say about us!


At Athens on 4th Avenue, we've been serving Olympia pita bread and gyros for nearly twenty years. From our experience, Olympia gyro meat is hands-down the highest quality gyro on the market. The pita grills up soft and fluffy, and it never seems to get too oily or too dry. Working with Olympia has certainly played a key role in our success. We've been attracting gyro fans to Athens since we opened and they tell us time and again that we serve the best gyro in town.

~Andreas Delfakis, Executive Chef and Owner - Athens on 4th, Tuscon, AZ

Olympia Foods has been instrumental to our success over the past ten years and has been a key component in growing our sales to over 10,000 lbs. of Gyros per month.

~ Gus& Chris Kotsiovos, Nicky's Gyros

It’s Greek To Me specializes in traditional Greek dishes. We use only Olympia brand pita and gyro because we feel it is the best. We’ve tested competing brands and found that they are either too dry, too oily, or simply lack flavor. We could serve other gyros, but we don't want to risk losing customers.

~It's Greek To Me - Catalina, AZ